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University Meat was founded in 1960 by Joe Marcocci who entered the industry as an apprentice butcher in the early 1950's. Over the proceeding decade he established more than 55 retail butcher shops, before transforming his creation into a wholesale enterprise.

Now situated among the largest meat wholesalers in Victoria, University Meat is reputed for high quality produce, complemented with tailored customer service. Establishing and maintaining business practices focalised on customer satisfaction has ensued the assembly of a prestigious clientele list. 

Current licensing agreements allow University Meat to process 2,500 tonne a year. Our facility and equipment is subsequently designed to consistently deal with high volumes of product, permitting supply to venues with some of the highest quantity and quality demand levels in Victoria. University Meat is dedicated to assisting clientele improve their meat offering. The comprehensive services provided, and quality management systems maintained, are integral components that maintain the highest industry standards. Visit universitymeat.com.au



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