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University Food Group was founded by Eusebio Marcocci.  Eusebio migrated to Australia (from Abruzzo, Italy) in 1956 at the age of 13 years old, with his 3 older brothers – leaving his other siblings and parents back in war-torn Italy.  After many years of trying to complete his schooling - Eusebio was mentored into butchery as a craft and during the next decade he set up more than 50 retail butcher shops across Victoria

In 1950 Eusebio consolidated all his operations into one location and University Meat was born;  this business unit is still in operation today, under the Stewardship of Alex Marcocci, one of Eusebio's sons, and is specialised in the manufacture & distribution of fresh Meat products to Hotels, Restaurants, Stadiums, Institutions and Caterers. 


In 1990 Eusebio invested in a Melbourne based coffee business, where Maurizio Marcocci received his entrée into the Coffee Industry. Maurizio saw a unique opportunity to grow the business, not in beans/provisions, but rather to represent the Best International Coffee Equipment Manufacturers in the world and provide National Coffee Roasters and Chains a superior equipment procurement experience & service provision – This gave birth to Service Sphere.

In 2014, Loui Marcocci, saw an emerging trend in “value added” meats and a potential opportunity in this area of the market. In order to capture the uplift of this trend, he invested into a business called Country Cooked and after two years this became a wholly owned University Food Group Entity. Country Cooked is now one of the leading manufacturers in this segment, supplying cooked proteins (sou-vide style) to National Retail Chains, Caterers and Quick Service Convenience – It also holds the licenses for Tony Roma’s and The Standard Meat Co.

Our Values: Passion, Growth & Predictability – We attract Suppliers, Customers & Talent who share the same!

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